Three short books on our identity in Christ

Sometimes you just want to read short and concise books. I chose these three books because they are short (less than 100 pages) and right to the point. One of the reasons why we struggle in this world as Christians is because of not understanding who we are in Jesus Christ. We don’t understand our identity as a child of God and how God views us through His Son Jesus Christ. I found these three short books very helpful reminders of who I am in Jesus Christ.

The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Timothy Keller

Are you tired of always worrying about what other people think about you? Are you constantly analyzing and critiquing yourself? Do you want to be free from yourself? God provided freedom for us in His Son Lord Jesus Christ. This is one of the great small books, that I need to read on regular basis. Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, find a nice and quiet spot, and just read the whole book in one sitting. You will enjoy it!

The problem with self-esteem — whether it is high or low — is that every single day we put ourselves on trial.

Timothy Keller

Who Am I?: Identity in Christ by Jerry Bridges

This book is theological, but same time it’s very simple and biblical. Jerry Bridges has a gift for taking complex things and explaining them in clear simple words. He also gives some practical advice on how to practice our identity in Christ in our lives. For this one, you might need two cups of coffee, but it’s still less than 100 pages. 

Your Identity in Christ by Neil Anderson

Those who read Neil Anderson’s book, The Bondage Breaker, know he is more focused on spiritual warfare topic. But this book brings an interesting twist by showing how satan attacks when we don’t know who we are in Christ. The author writes about satan’s lies that he tells us about ourselves, and what Bible says about who we are and our identity as children of God.

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