Is being a perfectionist a good thing or a bad thing?

So is it wrong to be a perfectionist? I don’t think it is wrong as long as we have a clear understanding of what Bible teaches about ourselves. What does the Bible have to say about perfectionism? Well, Bible is the book of reality, it addresses our struggles and our problems, it’s not just a fairy tale book that is disconnected from our human needs and problems. Bible kills the idea of human perfection on earth. God teaches through His Word that «all have sinned» and are broken and corrupt. Scripture says that from all the people, «There is no one righteous, not even one». So if we think that we can make perfect society here on earth, we setting up ourselves for a failure. We already know some people who tried to do that, people like Karl Marks or Hitler.

But if you do not understand the sinful nature of man, suddenly you will be disappointed on the personal level as well. For example, if father expects his children to be perfect, then he sets himself for disappointment because one day they will do something wrong or make mistakes. If children expect their parents to be perfect, one day their parents will let them down, and not be there for them. If husband or wife expect of each other to be perfect, that will bring a lot of stress and pressure in their marriage, and soon both of them will be frustrated. If an employer expects from his employees to be perfect one day one of them will make mistakes, so as the employer himself. As you can see, it’s very important for us to understand our sinfulness because sooner or later, we will face it in our lives. Once we faced it, it’s important how we handle it. The best way to handle sinfulness is to take it to the cross, where Perfect Son of God, Jesus Christ, died for imperfect people like us.

Only God is Perfect and Bible calls us to be like Him, but we will never be Him.

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